Before getting upset, let's delve into the different issues that may arise. The first and foremost reason your subscription is not applied is due to a needed cookie update. Log out, clear your cookies and temporary internet files, restart your browser and try to log back in. There are numerous reasons that an account may not have been updated and wrong information upon charge attempt may cause a delay in your premium access. The card may have been declined, expired, or used on a different account. If you put in the wrong number, name, zip code, CVV or expiration date it may be declined. If you attempt to charge too many times in a short period (10 minutes), your attempts may be flagged as fraud. If you are on auto-renewal, the card could be expired, or you simply logged in on your wife's account etc.

If you feel your account is in error, please contact with as much information as possible:

  • User account name and email on one of our sites.
  • Include a copy of the receipt if you received one